Quality Wooden Blind


Free installation!!!
Delivery time : the same day or latest
within a week.
Price stated is for a unit of 1 square meter
Our supplier has imported and has in stock the following types of blinds
1. Zebra/day and night blinds
2. Wooden blinds
3. Aluminum /venetian
4. Shangrilla blinds
5. Roman blinds
6. Black out blinds
7. Roller/block out/sunscreen blinds
and they are suitable for:
home, offices, apartments,
church hall, schools, auditorium,
laboratory, hospitals, guest house,
flats, restaurants, studio,
hotel , etc
Can be used for all rooms: hall, couch, kitchen, bathroom, parlor, etc
Material type : fabric
Size for the blinds : per customer request.
Colors available. : all colors
types of blinds. : day and night


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